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Top three benefits of Hybrid Fitness Studios

What is a hybrid studio?

Here at Northern Lights Fitness we are classed as a hybrid studio. Just as the name suggests, the hybrid fitness studio offers both in-person and online workouts for you to follow. That means you can exercise at a physical studio space and also access digital workouts that you can do at home, while on the move, or really in any space that’s safe and suitable for exercise.

What are the benefits of hybrid gyms?

One of the biggest perks of a hybrid gym is that it allows for maximum flexibility. You have lots of options to get your movement practice in your diary. You might want to exercise at home for part of the week for convenience sake but benefit from in person instruction or small group classes in the gym or studio to make the best both.

Maybe you are running late at work and a meeting runs over and you can't get to your fitness session in time. Your hybrid studio membership, means you could still tune into a virtual session from home so you don't have to miss out. Maybe the weather outside is great so you can enjoy the sunshine and the great outdoors and catch up on your workout session when it's dark.

Hybrid studios also let you continue your usual in-person exercises and classes allowing you to follow along from anywhere with an internet connection.

So how does it work?

Our hybrid studio model at Northern Lights Fitness includes in-person small group or private sessions in the pilates studio, live-streamed sessions every week day and also access to our full back catalogue of sessions so you can find a session to suit your mood and timeslot. We also offer self-paced courses in case you want a deeper dive into the movements or philosophy and occasional yoga retreats and workshops too.

You can even manage your bookings, access classes and content via our handy app.


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