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How do you feel about your workouts?

If yoga teaches us anything it's that change is going to be the only predictable force in our lives. We've all been put through huge events over the last two years or so that have tested our resilience and strength well beyond what we thought might be our own limits.

But you've made it. Exercise and accessing people, services and goods online were a huge crutch that supported us through lockdowns and helped us build stable routines that were (more or less) impervious to bigger disruptions. It's great to check in with you every now and then so that we ensure that we can tailor what we offer to suit your needs.

Below are a few questions so we can gauge how you are using various services and how we can offer what you are looking for moving forward.

There are four questions below. Your answers are completely anonymous.

Do you still workout at home?

  • I workout mainly at home

  • I like in person best

  • I do both in person and at home

  • What's a workout?

What length of classes do you prefer?

  • 60 mins

  • 45 mins

  • 30 mins

  • 15 mins

Do you actually use catch up videos?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Sometimes

What date would you prefer for a Winter Seasonal Workshop?

  • Saturday 26th November 2022

  • Sunday 27th November 2022

  • Saturday 3rd December 2022

  • Sunday 4th December 2022

Remember that we love comments and suggestions and what we provide is always guided by you. You can pop us a message or email at any time.

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Unknown member
Nov 14, 2022

I plan to join the Nidra 😍

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