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Seasonal Yin Yoga Catch Up

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Spring I Seasonal Yin Yoga - Wood Element

Perfectly inspired by the time of year when nature starts to awaken and blossom having coming through the wild throes of winter. It is connected with the Liver and Gall Bladder meridians related to the emotion of anger and kindness and our capacity to organise and plan for the future. This is associated with our “life plan”, our sense of direction and purpose, similar to the concept of Dharma found in the Yogic philosophical text the Bhagavad Gita.

When we are balanced this process is easy and smooth, while when we are unbalanced, we can struggle to find focus and direction in life. However, anger often gets a bad reputation as a negative emotion which we should suppress but it is important, it helps us set boundaries and ensure people take us seriously.

As always you are invited to take what you need from the session be it relaxation or a bit more energy, it's up to you. Remember you can always skip to the end and just do the relaxation or you can leave out the relaxation all together if that is what suits.

We finish with a mediation on the link between body and mind.

Grab any soft props you like - bolsters, cushions and blankets.

As always make sure that your space is safe and suitable to move around in, use common sense. This class is designed for all levels and abilities but if you have any health concerns get in touch with your health care provider.


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Whole Session

Relaxation Only


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