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Yoga Nidra

Let go of self-limiting beliefs and truly relax

Yoga Nidra is a practice for deep relaxation

We don't flow, we don't bend, we just settle in, relax and work on letting some of our stressors go. 

We can work with a resolve (or Sankalpa) or simply enjoy the sensations as they arrive. I take you through a gided relaxation. Participants usually awake renewed, refreshed and surprised how simple it can be to make yourour resolve have more weight in your day to day life.

This session is typically 45-60mins long and we do 3 or 4 sessions a year. 

We have been delighted to bring you a variety of yoga offerings over the years as our understanding has grown and developed.

Today I like to teach a variety of classes that focus on holistic health and wellbeing and inclusion for the many. You are unlikely to be standing on your head or straining yourself into the splits.


You will however be challenged (physically and mentally), develop a deep understanding of yourself in relation to the world around you and will hopefully be able to find appreciation for slowing yourself down and finding respect for your body and mind.

Here at Yoga Orkney® Online you will find Lazy Asana Active Mat classes, Sunday Service Restorative Yoga classes, Lazy Asana Yin YogaLazy Asana Yoga Nidra and Meditations for the reluctant mind.


We also specialise in Yoga for the Ante and Post Natal Period (see here).

Lazy Asana - Active Yoga: Services
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