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Journaling as Mindfulness

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

So from the blog post 5 Benefits of Mindfulness we know that there are a suite of benefits associated with mindfulness.

In essence mindfulness is just:

  • paying attention to what you are doing

  • when you are doing it

  • being aware of thoughts, feelings and sensations that arise

  • being compassionate with yourself NO MATTER what comes up.

Basically not living our lives in Autopilot. So what has Journaling got to do with all that?

Journaling in essence is an act of mindfulness or can bring about a more mindful approach to our way of thinking and by reflection our own unique way of life. Journaling mindfully (i.e. with attention) can bring about a reduction in stress, peace of mind, relaxation and improve your life experience more broadly, bring about a sense of Choice/Autonomy.

Journaling is cost effective, you can do it anywhere, you don’t need crazy equipment - just a pen and paper and you can basically do it anywhere.

A really simple quick exercise to get you on your way is to use the technique ‘Three Good Things’. Simple take a pen and a piece of paper and write Three Good Things that are happening in your life right now. Simple or complex it doesn’t matter. Give yourself some time. Thinking about, recognising, writing and reading about positive aspects of life has been shown to improve mood.

If you are not in a great headspace try considering writing down what you're not so positive thoughts or feelings are.

Each exercise can contribute to the many benefits associated with mindfulness and using journaling as a technique to help.

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