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Not your average yoga practice...

I read a brilliant article once about how the US military designed a plane cockpit to fit the average-sized veteran.

Guess what...

The cockpit didn't fit anyone! 🤔

It didn't fit one person that sat in the seat. How could that be? And also, why is that important?

Well no one is average exactly... and there are other statistical ways we can tease out more details from averages.

Importantly, it also applies to the yoga mat. It's generally a standard length and width. Some of them even have fancy lines on them so you can line yourself up properly.

Can we see though that the average-sized yoga mat is just not going to fit anyone? And the lines certainly won't either.

The moment one wonderful teacher of mine invited me to step off the rubber island (my mat), opened my mind in the way that only yoga can.

You are more than average and it's amazing to step off the mat and really start to practice yoga.

Do you feel comfortable stepping off your mat?

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