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Free Mindfulness Monday sessions every week in July

Mindfulness has a growing body of evidence to support it's effectiveness in reducing anxiety and stress as well as increasing focus and clarity in day to day decision making.

Mindfulness is suitable for the vast majority of people and can be simply slotted into day to day life to make things a little more manageable and/or sustainable (always ask your health care provider if you are receiving support for a mental health condition).

The benefits of mindfulness include:

  • Anxiety and stress reduction: reduces the amount of stress hormones produced

  • Improved immune response

  • Emotional regulation to support equanimity

  • Depression relief

  • The gift of choice in your life

  • Self-awareness

  • Ability to focus for longer & clearer decision making

  • More self-compassion and self-acceptance

  • Develop empathy and lower reactivity to adverse people or events

  • Calms the nervous system

  • Mental alertness and develops personal insight

If this sounds like something that might interest you, I will be running free Mindfulness Sessions every Monday in July. These will be short sessions of 10-15 minutes at 5pm.

The session themes are:

  • 5th July - Tea (or other drink) mindfulness exercise

  • 12th July - Simple body scan exercise

  • 19th July - Self-compassion for perspective exercise

  • 26th July - Sense of Sound light meditation exercise

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