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5 Tips for Pilates Reformer workouts

The Pilates equipment, sometimes known as apparatus, includes the Reformer, the Wunda chair, the Tower, the Ladder Barrel and smaller equipment like the Ped-o-pull, spine and toe corrector.

You'll have heard if from me before but there are only so many ways that the body can move and all forms of movement build a system around these ways to move. Pilates is not unique in that respect.

While the number of research studies on Pilates is small, it does show that pilates overall is effective in reducing pain and improving wellbeing. Where it really does come into its own is when you have an injury, are rehabilitating after and injury or surgery and want to have some flexibility in your low impact workouts.

The equipment can be easily be used to closed the chain of movement in the body meaning less stress on the joints (but still the right amount of mobility) and more muscular engagement. The Pieces of equipment give the body feedback which helps build that connection between the brain and the body which has been shown to significantly reduce pain.

Each piece of equipment provides this feedback in a slightly different way.

So here are five top tips to consider when thinking about the pilates equipment:

  1. Pilates is recommended by the NHS

  2. Pilates can reduce pain by helping you feel confident in movement and complementing the other activities you do in your life.

  3. It's fun so you are more likely to stick to it.

  4. If done regularly it improves overall fitness and mental wellbeing

  5. It really is suitable for anyone.

If you think you might want to have a shot in the studio, come and book a session. We have options for every price range and stage of life.

Relaxed open Studio - drop-in Session. You share the studio space with up to 3 other people.

One to one tuition - feel free to bring a friend or two included in the price.

A higher energy session with a set programme - Block of 4 weeks
Online Mat Pilates Class - All Levels Thursdays at 6pm (catch up available for 7 days)

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