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Shaolin Temple TaiChi Qigong Experience

October 2023 visit to Shaolin Temple EU : trainjng with Shi Heng Zuan Shifu has been nothing short of a privilege.

Within the Shaolin Temple there is kindness , respect and hard work expected.

Daily ceremonies hold together a community spirit and promote unified behaviours. Animals and humans are considered with the same value and respect as one another. Food is shared - eat but dont be greedy.

Physical training was expected for 8hrs a day and rewarded with evening massage techniques in order to maintain the body ready for the next day.

Qigong prepares the body by opening the nervous system, the muscles and the joints. Qi is allowed to flow within the internal organs and the mind and body unify in a way that is complete and powerful.

Many things are shown but the real learnings come by doing - learning from books is not encouraged- learning by doing is. Of course gathering knowledge through books is not frowned upon but emphasis by physical participation is paramount.

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