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Seasonal Yin Yoga

We do a Seasonal Yin class once for each season

This class is a gentler pace and based around self-enquiry. 

We take the qualities associated with each season and build a session around these. We won't necessarily hold the postures like we do in other yin classes but we do take the softer approach that is true to the very essence of yin. 

This class draws upon the meridian theory as per acupuncture, although there are thankfully no needles!


You will however be challenged (physically and mentally), develop a deep understanding of yourself in relation to the world around you and will hopefully be able to find appreciation for slowing yourself down and finding respect for your body and mind.

Here at Yoga Orkney® Online you will find Lazy Asana Active Mat classes, Sunday Service Restorative Yoga classes, Lazy Asana Yin YogaLazy Asana Yoga Nidra and Meditations for the reluctant mind.


We also specialise in Yoga for the Ante and Post Natal Period (see here).

Lazy Asana - Active Yoga: Services
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