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Laugh, Cry, Shake, Low Impact & High Intensity

Barre class was originated in London in 1959 by German born Ballet and Jazz dancer Lotte Berk. After suffering an injury she decided to combine her ballet background with rehabilitative techniques.


Lotte was an advocate of health and wellbeing for women and the Barre technique was designed to remove the tedium out of exercise and make it a fun and functional all over workout to support the needs of the female body.


Barre is inclusive and can be performed by all ages, genders, shapes and sizes. It's a brilliant blend of Low impact/High Intensity which means you can get results without leaping all over the place.

Yoga Orkney® is trained in Barre and Floor Barre we use a ballet barre or the back of a chair to help us engaged our postural muscles. While we can complete Barre class using our bodyweight alone we often use small equipment like light hand weights, resistance bands, core sliders and stability balls.

We occasionally offer Barre courses and workshops as well so be sure to sign up to our email newsletter (right at the bottom), find us on social media and keep an eye on the website.

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