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Our top 5 tips to help you refresh your health and wellness routine

Tips to Transform Your wellness Routine

We know it can be tough to get your health and wellness routine right. In fact we believe that the more flexibility you build in the more you will get out of it in the long run. While a rigid routine can work for some... years of experience has shown us that there are no ends to the disruptions that can throw you off course. So instead of coming completely off the rails with your health and wellness routine, why don't you try adding some of our tips, tricks and techniques into your wellness plan to help keep you on the straight and narrow.

Your mind and body are living breathing evolving systems, so let's take the same approach to your health and wellness goals too.

Tip #1 - do it imperfectly

When you start something new or even pick up a skill after a long break, you can often become discouraged before you even begin because you don't think you will do it well enough or that you aren't fit enough, etc. Instead can you embrace the fact up front that you won't be perfect.

Nature is disorganised but it comes together perfectly. Be inspired by the natural order of things and just try the thing that you have been putting off. Know that you will build a skill over time and relieve the pressure to help you overcome your apprehension.

Tip #2 - build the anti-routine

Ok, here at Northern Lights we do know that a routine can be really important for achieving health and wellbeing goals but what about when it isn't?

When your usual routine gets disrupted, or you are finding it overwhelming to stick to it or you start using exercise in unhealthy ways?

Well you could try the anti-routine. Where you commit to a minimum number of sessions per week and add a touch of flexibility to one or two of them. Maybe you aim for a monthly goal or quarterly!

We have live and pre-recorded sessions every week/month that can help with this. We also think swimming and walking are excellent ways to sneak in a heart-healthy workout. You can even listen to a podcast or be walking the dog as you go...

... although that my be frowned upon in a public pool!

Tip #3- plan for rest

You may have heard the in the modern day ear... rest is radical! So if you are a busy-body (like we often are at Northern Lights HQ) can you plan some rest into your timetable?

Maybe attend a wellness session at the pool, go and see a film with a friend, plan to do absolutely nothing on a Sunday, tune in to a gentle exercise or yoga class or take the day off when you are feeling unwell. If you practice making time for rest it will become a legitimate block in your busy diary.

It is hard at first but you can still make rest productive and it's more likely to keep you on the straight and narrow with the other things you have to do on your list.

Tip #4 - mix in person and online sessions

It really doesn't have to be all or nothing when it comes to online health and wellness. In lockdown we missed the in person contact but on the flip side you could access art, exercise and learning sessions delivered from other communities too.

We have a mixture of online and in-person classes, retreats, workshops and programmes so you can find something that feels right for you. After all learning something new is brilliant for your brain and reduces the risk of degenerative illnesses later in life. It also doesn't have to be a masters degree to bring about the benefits either. Yoga and Tai Chi are great examples where theory meets practice - the embodiment of a healthy mind-body connections.

You actually can't beat getting out in nature for a good ol' walk either. it's free too.

Tip #5 - find things you enjoy doing

What is it that you love? A hardwork sweaty barre session with all

the weights, balls and bands? Is it a relaxation session on your yoga mat? A laugh with pals or a more solitary experience. A good mixture of things that are good for us with things that we just adore is a winning combination. Dragging yourself to class will never feature in your weekly routine and you'll find your relationship with your personal wellbeing last for decades and not just hours on the calendar.

The same goes for life outside your fitness classes too. Try things you wouldn't normally do. A sewing class, salsa, walk at dusk or on the beach, knitting, start a bullet journal, sing, grow somthing or or paint.

Variety truly is the spice of life. You don't have to settle for the blandest thing on the menu... unless of course that is what brings you joy.

Here's an example list of things to try this year:
  • Try a new colour on your clothes

  • Order something new from the menu

  • Cook a curry

  • Pick up a new hobby

  • Let someone else do it

  • Book a class you've never tried before

  • Listen to a new music genre

  • Do a touristy thing in your hometown

  • Hike

  • Go somewhere on meals

  • Go on a yoga retreat

  • Meet up with new mix of friends

  • Watch nature

  • Save money

  • visit a garden

  • Meditate

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